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Tolombe Motore Gharb Industrial Group West official representative of Iran (Pumpiran), Jemco, Motogen, Mirab, Abara, Motorsazan, Navid Sahand, energy Semnan, Isfahan Behsim cable, electric motors VEM Germany and consists of companies West motor pump (head), and Affiliated companies Alktrvtablv West, Alvand and Padanasnt industrial water supply management, Mr. Said Zahid immigrants in Hamedan, Tehran, the country's Central and West.

Company introduction:
West motor pump - Activity in Hamedan province.
Apadana Industry - Activity in the central province
Alktrvtablv West - design and manufacture of electrical switchgear, Booster Pump, chassis Cybele and
Industrial water supply COLD - Activity in the field of export products abroad

This collection Pumpiran as one of the agencies and other companies in the country, and its annual performance compared with other companies it is confirmed.
With more than three decades of valuable experience in the areas of sales and consulting services in the fields of water supply, industry and agriculture, particularly in relation to electro, electro-motors, valves, pipes and fittings, all kinds of Kfksh, Sewage and electricity boards and booster pumps and more active.

Managers believe that the current economic competitive environment quality plays a major role. neighboring provinces nearer to the West not use motor pump products. ">West motor pump company based on service experience and a good reputation, besides representing

Pumpiran participation of representatives of the most important collection of companies that in one way or another, deal with utilities infrastructure industry chain for the benefit of its activities.