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    Consulting and sales of diesel engines and diesel generators and Perkins Motorsazan
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    Offers a variety of single-phase and three-phase electric brands and quality Jemco, Motogen, Vem Germany and ...
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West Pump Iran Company Industry Group Co
official representative of Iran (Pumpiran) is managed by Mr Saeed Zahid Mohajerani in the province as one of the most important agencies in the country is Pumpiran and annual performance in comparison with other companies confirmed subject

The company has more than three decades of valuable experience in the areas of sales and consulting services in the fields of water supply, industry and agriculture, particularly in relation to the electro-motor, industrial valves, pipe fittings, submersible, sewage sludge electricity boards, booster pumps active

Managers believe that the current economic and competitive environment, quality plays a major role

closer neighboring provinces of West did not use the pump motor. West motor pump company based on service experience and reputation could also represent Pumpiran collection of the most important representatives of companies that in one way or another, infrastructure and utilities industries including agency Jemco head tively, Motogen, Mirab, ditch, Ebara, pump manufacturers, engine makers, Navid Sahand, Semnan energy, Behsim of cable, motor VEM Germany and their activities receive chain to the specifications of the products and their applications will continue to inform

اباراهیوندایجمکومیرابموتوژنموتورسازاننوید سهندسمنان انرژیپمپیرانالکتروموتور